Guardian Digital Introduces Email Phishing Threat Protection To Shield Businesses From Advanced Cyber Threats

Mar 18, 2024 -- N.J. In an era where email security breaches have become common, Guardian Digital is pioneering the future of cyber protection with its advanced email threat protection. As traditional security measures fall short, leaving corporations vulnerable to financial and reputational damage, the leading cybersecurity solutions provider launched EnGarde cloud email security.

Guardian Digital's EnGarde cloud email security is a significant innovation engineered to defend businesses worldwide from conventional email threats and advanced, emerging phishing attacks. Leveraging real-time machine learning and advanced email security analytics, the company offers unparalleled email protection support, setting a new industry standard for email security.

cybersecThe rapidly evolving nature of email threats, from spear phishing to business email compromise (BEC) attacks, demands a dynamic and adaptive approach to email security. Guardian Digital's EnGarde cloud email security meets this challenge. It exceeds it by employing cloud-based sandboxing, machine learning, and comprehensive support to provide the most effective defense against targeted and advanced attacks. This unique, multi-layered approach can uncover and neutralize threats that traditional, signature-based systems often miss, including sophisticated scams leading to unauthorized fund transfers.

"We understand the criticality of robust email security in safeguarding businesses against the sophisticated threats of today and tomorrow," said a company representative. "Our advanced threat protection mechanisms are not just about defending against attacks but also about enabling businesses to thrive without the fear of cyber threats undermining their success."

In addition to guarding against malware, Guardian Digital's security solutions effectively protect against threats that don't involve malware, such as credential phishing attacks. These hard-to-detect threats target specific individuals within an organization, making them particularly challenging to identify and block. The company's intelligent systems employ deep scanning to detect and prevent identity theft, CEO fraud, and other types of advanced email scams, thereby preserving the integrity and security of business communications.

At Guardian Digital, IT experts are committed to the open-source development model. They have built a community of passionate individuals who believe in creating a safer, more secure internet. By providing fully managed services and accessible support, they enhance security, simplify deployment, and ease the burden on IT departments. From initial setup to ongoing system monitoring and maintenance, they ensure that businesses remain protected against the most advanced cyber threats.

About Guardian Digital

Founded in 1999, Guardian Digital has been at the forefront of leveraging open-source software to secure the world's largest enterprises. Dave Wreski, the company's founder and CEO, was inspired by the potential of open source while working as a security engineer at UPS in Mahwah, New Jersey. Guardian Digital provides fully managed services and accessible support to improve security, maximize productivity, simplify deployment, and ease the burden on IT departments by offering setup assistance and ongoing system monitoring and maintenance.

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