Guardian Digital Introduces Enhanced Exchange Email Protection Solutions

Feb 21, 2024 -- N.J. In a world increasingly besieged by digital threats, Guardian Digital stands ready to redefine the landscape of exchange email security. Its adaptive email protection system fortifies Microsoft Exchange, safeguarding businesses from the relentless onslaught of modern cyber threats.

Exchange Online Protect (EOP), Microsoft's default email protection for Exchange users, is no longer sufficient in the face of sophisticated and evolving threats. Guardian Digital introduces an innovative, integrated cloud email security solution to address this critical need for enhanced security.

cyber safetyDave Wreski, CEO of Guardian Digital, underscores the importance of their approach, stating, "We're dedicated to enhancing the security of Exchange email for businesses by leveraging Open Source software and our decades of expertise in building secure systems."

As the digital threat landscape evolves, Guardian Digital stands ready to ensure Exchange users remain secure and productive. Its EnGarde Cloud email security offers multiple layers of integrated, purpose-driven security that fill the gaps in EOP's built-in features. This comprehensive protection ensures that Exchange users remain one step ahead of persistent and emerging threats.

Traditional security defenses have fallen behind, incapable of keeping pace with rapidly evolving and increasingly evasive threats. Cybercriminals have adapted their tactics to evade signature-based antivirus and anti-malware software, rendering them ineffective against modern email attacks. These attacks frequently employ advanced payload-less and fileless techniques, requiring a more robust defense.

Microsoft Exchange's on-premises email infrastructure continues to serve the communication needs of millions of organizations worldwide thanks to its stability, predictability, and efficiency. However, Exchange has a critical vulnerability: security. Microsoft itself has cautioned that Exchange email servers are increasingly attractive to threat actors seeking access to sensitive credentials, compromising accounts, and stealing from businesses.

About Guardian Digital

Founded in 1999, Guardian Digital has been at the forefront of leveraging open-source software to secure the world's largest enterprises. Dave Wreski, the company's founder and CEO, was inspired by the potential of open source while working as a security engineer at UPS in Mahwah, New Jersey. Guardian Digital provides fully managed services and accessible support to improve security, maximize productivity, simplify deployment, and ease the burden on IT departments by offering setup assistance and ongoing system monitoring and maintenance.

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