Guardian Digital Offers Email Threat Protection With EnGarde Cloud Email Security

Oct 25, 2023 -- N.J. Guardian Digital, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its email threat protection system, Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security. This innovative solution is designed to adapt to real-time threats, offering comprehensive protection from advanced and emerging email attacks. The firm’s commitment to enhancing email security and its unique targeted attack identification capabilities enable businesses to safeguard their ventures.

Brittany Day, Director Of Communications Guardian Digital, stated, “We are excited to introduce Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security to our valued customers and partners.”

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing customers with cybersecurity solutions. Guardian Digital has created a fully managed solution granting end-to-end email infrastructure control. This achievement ensures businesses can protect their email communication with unparalleled precision and effectiveness.

Close up of businessman hand holding tablet with abstract glowing keyhole padlock interface on blurry background. Protection, safety and technology concept. Double exposureThe firm leverages a potent combination of cloud-based sandboxing, Machine Learning, and expert-level support to deliver the deepest visibility and protection against targeted and advanced email threats in the market today.

The firm’s cloud-based sandboxing technology is a robust line of defense, providing a secure environment for examining suspicious email content. This approach allows for the safe execution of potentially harmful attachments or links within emails, ensuring that threats are identified and eliminated before they harm an organization’s critical assets.

The team at the firm highlights how machine learning is another integral component of Guardian Digital’s email threat protection strategy. The system identifies and remediates complex attacks in real time by continuously analyzing vast amounts of data from hundreds of other systems. 

The firm can provide end-to-end business email, data, and personnel protection. The comprehensive email security analytics derived from various sources detect threats and offer remediation options that bolster a company’s defenses.

Brittany added, “This solution represents a significant leap forward in email threat protection, and we are confident that it will make a meaningful difference in safeguarding our customers’ critical email communication.”

With its cloud-based sandboxing, machine learning capabilities, and comprehensive analytics, Guardian Digital delivers unparalleled protection for businesses against the most cunning email threats. 

About Guardian Digital 

Guardian Digital is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions dedicated to protecting businesses from email-based threats. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Guardian Digital delivers cutting-edge email threat protection to help organizations secure their critical assets and operations.

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