Redefining Business Email Security: Guardian Digital's Innovative Open-Source Strategy

Jul 10, 2023 -- N.J. Guardian Digital today announced its solution to the rise in phishing and zero-day attacks threatening businesses via its comprehensive email protection system, EnGarde Cloud Email Security.

Today’s email-borne cyberattacks are more targeted and evasive than ever before, and Guardian Digital’s own data from millions of emails received and analyzed confirms Fundera’s findings that phishing-related threats are growing rapidly. Fundera reported a 424% increase in new small business cyber breaches last year, over 90% which can be attributed to a phishing email according to Verizon.

EnGarde offers businesses complete phishing and zero-day attack protection at competitive prices through a unique combination of transparent, collaborative open-source development, expert ongoing system monitoring, and real-time cybersecurity business insights.

Open Source: An Underused Tool Against Cybercrime

Open source has been instrumental in establishing secure internet communication since the Internet's birth, with influential roles in email delivery and powering 96% of the top million web servers worldwide. However, it's surprisingly underused in email security, providing potential solutions to phishing and zero-day attacks.

The open-source development model involves a global community creating, testing, and refining technology. This "many eyes" approach ensures high security levels as potential vulnerabilities are quickly found and fixed.

In an open-source approach to email security, emails from millions of worldwide systems identify patterns and support extensive testing on malicious email blocking filters. The feedback given is integrated into systems across the globe. This Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) provides real-time updates to halt and resolve novel phishing attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities before widespread propagation.

Unlike proprietary models, open-source email security providers can leverage shared global resources and intelligence, empowering them to develop secure, resilient, and affordable solutions that can swiftly adapt to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security: Resilient Open-Source Email Protection for Businesses

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security is a comprehensive email security platform built using the open-source development model. EnGarde is engineered to mitigate the most advanced and targeted threats to business email through the development of detection techniques that evolve as quickly as these threats themselves, resulting in real-time updates, enhanced security, greater performance and superior phishing and zero-day protection. Coupled with the ongoing, expert system monitoring, maintenance and support required to extend IT resources and improve security, Guardian Digital is able to provide reliable, resilient email security solutions to successful businesses around the world.


“Our use of open-source development enables us to deliver more secure and affordable phishing and zero-day protection to organizations of all sizes in all industries,” explains Dave Wreski, Guardian Digital Founder and CEO. “We draw on over two decades of knowledge and expertise in the realm of cybersecurity and open-source development, and use it exclusively to enhance our clients’ email security with a scalable, cost-efficient product.”

Key benefits of securing business email with EnGarde include:

  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI): By preventing security breaches, minimizing downtime, increasing productivity, and safeguarding your operations, businesses can expect to see a positive impact on their bottom line.
  • Better threat protection through an inherently secure design: By applying the collaborative, transparent development model to email security, businesses receive enhanced threat protection, increased trust in the information they receive, real-time updates, and more secure, resilient technology.
  • Extended IT resources: The ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and support that Guardian Digital provides reduces the strain on businesses’ overworked IT departments, enabling them to more productively focus on tasks unrelated to email security. These fully-managed services provide the around-the-clock email vigilance required for the early detection and elimination of threats.
  • Better Planning & Policy Enforcement: Complete visibility into your email security and the threats targeting your organization via the EnGarde Cloud Email Security Dashboard reduces risk exposure and enables improved cybersecurity business planning and better enforcement of company policies.
  • Enhanced Microsoft 365 Email Security: EnGarde’s supplementary defenses bolster inadequate built-in cloud email protection to fortify Microsoft 365 email against credential phishing and account takeovers.

Wreski states, “The level of flexibility that our open-source framework provides for our services, combined with the increased efficacy seen in every release, enables us to continue to provide our clients with best-of-breed email security solutions offered at competitive prices.”

About Guardian Digital

Guardian Digital, Inc. builds enterprise email solutions with an intense focus on security and unrivaled customer support, designed to ease information technology overhead for its customers. Since its inception in 1999, Guardian Digital has pioneered the open-source architecture security-as-a-service email protection model to block today and tomorrow’s sophisticated threats to email integrity. Guardian Digital continues to innovate the email security marketplace using technology unavailable from any other vendor. Its EnGarde Cloud Email Security leverages the benefits of open-source development, contemporary cloud technologies, and decades of combined experience protecting enterprises. Guardian Digital is dedicated to its customers and their safety is the very foundation of what the company offers and builds on in regard to business email protection.

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