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If you’ve been keeping up with recent security news, you are most likely aware of the heated worldwide debate about encryption that is currently underway. Strong encryption is imperative to securing sensitive data and protecting individuals’ privacy online, yet governments around the world refuse to recognize this, and are continually aiming to break encryption in an effort to increase the power of their law enforcement agencies. 
what is email security
Email security is a procedure that protects email content and accounts against unauthorized access. This includes login security, spam filtering, data protection, user security, employee education and email encryption. As of 2021, email attacks are more prevalent and sophisticated than ever before. Threat actors recognize that email is the preferred method for confidential business communications, as well as an essential asset that organizations cannot afford to lose access to for even a day. It comes as no surprise that, according to Verizon, 90% of cyber attacks are initiated via email. In era of constant threats faced by organisations like you, a complete guide to email security will help you to make better informed decisions to preserve your data and brand, and protect your employees and client from getting defrauded. 
As Open Source has become increasingly mainstream and widely accepted for its numerous benefits, the use of Linux as a flexible, transparent and highly secure operating system has also increasingly become a prominent choice among corporations, educational institutions and government sectors alike. With national security concerns at an all time high heading into 2020, it appears that the implementation of Linux could effectively meet the United States government’s critical security needs for application development and installations.
A new decade is on the horizon, and 2020 will undoubtedly consist of many advances in technology and security. However, unfortunately many of the digital threats and security shortcomings that have plagued this decade will persist or worsen - new threats targeting businesses of all sizes are anticipated.
Spam email
If you are an email user, chances are you’ve experienced the aggravation and decreased productivity associated with spam email. But are you aware that spam email that reaches your inbox can have potentially serious consequences for you and your business?
Apache SpamAssassin celebrates its 18th birthday this year, a huge accomplishment for everyone who has contributed to the open-source project for nearly the past two decades. SpamAssassin, a renowned and respected open-source anti-spam platform, provides a secure, reliable framework upon which companies can build highly effective spam filtering and email security solutions.

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