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For the second time within a month, the FBI is warning of sophisticated COVID-19 related business email compromise (BEC) scams exploiting cloud email services to steal users’ account credentials, and is urging businesses to take immediate action by implementing critical additional layers of protection in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
Dave Wreski recognized the power of Open Source two decades ago.  Already an established internet security expert and Network Architect at UPS, Dave was captivated by the power of open-source development.  He was soon to discover that this model could be used as a vehicle for solving complex digital security needs. He recognized that the open-source model-  where resources could be shared by a worldwide community-  was the vehicle that would drive internet security into the 21st century. 
With the dreaded coronavirus rapidly spreading worldwide, staying healthy is unfortunately not the only task demanding your concern. Securing your business email against phishing and fraud is more critical than ever, as cybercriminals are taking advantage of this fearful situation to gain access to sensitive information, infect computer systems with malware and viruses and, in many cases, steal significant amounts of money with deceptive phishing scams.
Tax season is upon us. With the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) tax filing deadline for 2019 approaching and many taxpayers rushing to file their returns, cybercriminals are preparing to cash in on the tax season with sophisticated social engineering exploits. 
With its recent prominence in the media and the heated controversy surrounding it, chances are you’re familiar with encryption -- but are you aware of the critical role it plays in securing business email accounts and protecting sensitive information?
email security best practices for business
With email-borne threats evolving to become increasingly sophisticated and problematic for businesses, creating and implementing an effective enterprise level best practices for email security has never been more important. Ninety percent of cyberattacks are now carried out via email, and successful attacks cost enterprises over $1 million per incident on average. Inadequately secured enterprise email is an open door for spear phishing, ransomware and other advanced exploits. Email safety best practices are more important than ever. 

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