Press Release: Guardian Digital Combats Coronavirus-Related Threats to Business Email with Open-Source Innovation

Jun 15, 2020 -- Midland Park, N.J. - Guardian Digital, Inc., is uniquely leveraging collaborative open-source methodology to safeguard cloud email users from emerging COVID-related threats involving malicious URLs and attachments. The company today announced that in May of 2020, its business email security solution - EnGarde Cloud Email Security - identified more phishing emails than in any month prior since the company’s inception in 1999.


Scammers are exploiting the fear and uncertainty around the coronavirus crisis to  funnel their ill-gotten gains into the bank account of a predatory impersonator at a time when many of us are at our most vulnerable. Guardian Digital has seen an increase in charity fraud, malicious attachments relating to economic stimulus relief, and tens of thousands of malicious domains designed to lure victims, seeking private information.

Guardian Digital pioneers business email security solutions using the innovative open-source development model to access critical additional resources from a worldwide community to combat these advanced, targeted threats - exceeding the protection of everyday cloud providers like Microsoft and Google. Now more than ever, a more sophisticated approach to securing business email is needed to defend against phishing scams.

The Open-Source Advantage

Through a combination of open-source development, engineering expertise and industry experience, Guardian Digital has been able to provide clients with the invaluable peace-of-mind that their data, their users and their customers are secure in this tumultuous period.

Open Source is where the innovation is happening today - fostering a myriad of benefits including rapid development, increased security, superior flexibility and decreased startup and ongoing costs. 

Guardian Digital’s open-source platform - EnGarde Cloud Email Security - was designed to mitigate the most advanced and targeted threats to business email through the development of real-time detection techniques that evolve as quickly as the attacks that challenge it. 

Key benefits of securing business email with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security include:

  • Resilient open-source design, which reduces risk and provides more features
  • Multi-tiered protection that provides effective defense at every level
  • Comprehensive defense against phishing scams and other advanced threats
  • Automatically adjusting detection algorithms that anticipate attacks
  • Rapid adaptation to evolving threats 
  • Centrally managed cloud-based administration
  • Fully managed system, which reduces start-up and ongoing costs

Guardian Digital CEO Dave Wreski explains the critical role that open-source methodology plays in the company’s ability to offer its clients an exceptional level of email vigilance in this heightened digital threat environment: “Our open-source development model provides a superior vehicle to deliver more secure, effective, and affordable business email solutions accessible to every organization. We’ve taken the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained over almost two decades and use it exclusively to enhance our clients’ email security with a scalable, cost-effective product.”

About Guardian Digital

Guardian Digital, Inc. builds enterprise email solutions with an intense focus on security and unrivaled customer support, designed to ease information technology overhead for its customers. Since its inception in 1999, Guardian Digital has pioneered the open-source architecture security-as-a-service email protection model to block today and tomorrow’s sophisticated threats to email integrity. Guardian Digital continues to innovate the email security marketplace using technology unavailable from any other vendor. Its EnGarde Cloud Email Security leverages the benefits of open-source development, contemporary cloud technologies, and decades of combined experience protecting enterprises. Guardian Digital is dedicated to its customers and their safety is the very foundation of what the company offers and builds on in regard to business email protection.    

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