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See Yourself in Cyber: The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness Month for YOUR Business
October has been known as Cybersecurity Awareness Month since the President of the United States and Congress declared it in 2004. The goal of this annual campaign is to help users keep themselves protected online from threats as technology grows and compromised data becomes increasingly grows more common.
Records Management - Complete Guide on Information Records Management
Many growing companies are undergoing a journey of digital transformation, making creating and managing documents digitally a essential step in the process that may increase productivity, better client service, and reduce operating costs. Another benefit to doing business online is enhanced cybersecurity, which is often placed on the back burner for businesses despite the massive volumes of data generated daily.
Cybersecurity Tips to Help Prevent Cyberattacks & Data Breaches
More than ever, businesses must maintain a robust cybersecurity posture since the price of a cyberattack can cost millions and even permanent closure for the impacted business. Attackers have a cavalry of techniques at their disposal, but trends are exposing their preferred tactics.
The Impact of Open Source on Cybersecurity
Open-source software is one of the most innovative developments of the past few decades. Open-source is code that is publicly available and editable. While this sounds dangerous for security, it can actually significantly improve it by allowing anyone to fix errors. Applying the open-source methodology of collaboration to cybersecurity can greatly affect everyone’s security. When the Internet was new, issues of security and credential theft were primary concerns. Now, consumers are pressuring vendors to be transparent with data collection, vulnerability disclosure and security weaknesses. Open source provides transparency, but more is still needed to develop collaboration between the communities. I have developed applications to provide the privacy and protection that organizations need, using open source much more securely and cost-effectively than the proprietary alternatives. Here are some tips organizations can use to realize the benefits of the open-source development model, proactively protecting your users and assets. Head over to Infosec Institute Industry Insights to read this entire article.
Distributed Spam Attacks and Email Bombers
Email bombs are a type of Denial of Service (DoS) attack where victims encounter a flood of messages quickly filling up their inbox until it renders the victim’s mailbox useless. The bomb is typically designed to distract the user from the fact their information has been compromised and used for fraudulent activity.
Cryptocurrencies & Email Fraud - Everything You Need to Know
In the digital age, cryptocurrency is extremely valuable, so much so that cybercriminals are using a range of techniques to trick victims into sending it to them. Millions of phishing emails are sent out every day, using methods to extort and steal cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin from victims.

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